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Cybersecurity Role Dive with Chloé Messdaghi
Are you new to cybersecurity or looking to advance in your career?

In this monthly webinar series, Cybersecurity Role Dive, hosted by Cybrary’s own Chloé Messdaghi, we'll examine the most in-demand roles on security teams and what’s needed to be successful in that role by learning from experienced specialists.

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1. Network Engineering with Mike Benjamin - (Tuesday, June 28th)
2. Pentesting with Phil Wylie - (Tuesday, July 26th)
3. SOC Analyst - (Tuesday, August 23rd)

*All webinars are recorded and will be available to registrants to view on-demand.
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Chloé Messdaghi
Chief Impact Officer @Cybrary
Chloé Messdaghi has advised and developed impactful solutions that have driven growth and innovation while transforming tech and cybersecurity businesses to become resilient for over ten years. As the Chief Impact Officer, she is focused on Cybrary's mission by using customer and user feedback to form strategies to unlock opportunities to enhance trust, mitigate risk, and be purpose-driven. Chloé is a trusted source on cybersecurity for national and sector reporters and editors, and her research, op-eds, and commentary have been featured in numerous outlets, from Forbes and Business Insider to Bloomberg, and TechRepublic. She is a seasoned public speaker at major conferences, conventions, forums, and corporate events organized by industry associations and Fortune 500 companies. She has served on several advisory groups, boards of directors, and nonprofit boards of trustees.
Mike Benjamin
VP of Security Research @Fastly
Mike Benjamin is the VP of Security Research at Fastly where he focuses on researching the latest attack methods to ensure Fastly's technologies can provide customers with protection against these threats. Before Fastly, Mike was VP of Security at Lumen Technologies where he led security product engineering, operations, and the Black Lotus Labs threat intelligence team. Mike’s key focus throughout his 25 years of service provider experience has been creating secure and scalable technology for his customers. https://twitter.com/mikebdotsh
Phillip Wylie
Penetration Tester
Phillip Wylie is a cybersecurity professional and offensive security SME with over 18 years of experience, over half of his career in offensive security. During his offensive security career, he has worked in consulting and as an internal pentesting resource for companies in the financial and consumer product industries. Phillip's offensive security includes penetration testing, application pentesting, and red teaming. He enjoys mentoring and educating others about pentesting during workshops at conferences and other events. His offensive security educator roles include community college adjunct instructor and curriculum and content creation. Phillip co-authored the book, “The Pentester Blueprint: Starting a Career as an Ethical Hacker” based on his conference talk on starting a career as a pentester and was featured in the “Tribe of Hackers: Red Team”. He is also a podcaster and the host of “The Hacker Factory Podcast”. https://twitter.com/PhillipWylie
Jay Jay Davey
Senior Security Analyst @Bridewell
Jay Jay has been working in technology for nine years, five of those within cyber security. He is a defensive security specialist focusing on security operations and incident response; having worked in various industries such as critical national infrastructure, maritime and fintech, he has gained substantial experience in security operations. Alongside, Jay Jay is a keen mentor to many in the industry and helps people become defensive security specialists. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/biggingerhoneypot